Xlerate & Vxceed

Xlerate Technologies, Vxceed Technologies

In April 2011 I became employed as a junior graphic and interface designer for Xlerate/Vxceed a global company dealing in fleet solutions. During that time I have been involved with multiple project across the company, most notably being involved in coming up with the interface concept for “Touch” the company’s first web app. That takes all the features of Xlerate’s current fleet management solutions and makes the all mobile. Also during my time I have been tasked with creating several brochures, posters, website designs, document layouts and logo’s. Although the companies overall look is conservative I did my best to take a look that was dated and brought it forward to a more modern look. It is easily the best learning experience I have had since finishing studying and helped my skill set allowing me an understanding of how to market to a global audience.

Graphic Design, Interface Design, Web Design, Corporate Design